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~~ Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.~~

                                           ~ Theodore Isaac Rubin ~


~ ~ If You Want others to be happy, be compassionate.        
If you want to be happy, be compassionate. ~ ~     

~ ~ Acceptance Is The Key ~ ~

There is a need for more love in our world on so many levels. Achieving and maintaining this state-of-mind is easier than one might think. Lets work together as a team and see what unfold.

World peace, acceptance of all races, sexual orientations, and all religions go hand-and-hand. Rather than judging offer love instead. Ours is certainly not a new concept, yet we can take on this challenge together.

I created "hold onto love" to support me in difficult times. I new without the help of this simple phrase... I would lose it - almost daily. My own difficult relationship was the impetus. I kept my focus on one simple question. "what would love do in this situation?' This is the answer I received.

It is my intention to do whatever I can in order to promote "choosing love." When dealing with any relationship challenge, this is the only remedy I know of. I believe that it is imperative, when all races and religions are living and working together, that we find a more effective way to get along. Complete emotional, spiritual, physical and mental integration is key, and will be the inevitable way of the world.

Couple relationships are that which sustain us and that which drive us to be the very best people we can strive to be in the world. The constant guide post then which endures through all events is that of choosing the energy of love.


Welcome to Hold Onto Love. This is a portal for communication, contribution, and dedication to the awareness that there is only one answer to any situation.


Enter No Sound
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~~ Only in growth, reform, and change. Paradoxically enough, is true security to be found. ~~
We will also be offering fun items to keep our mission felicitous. We believe the journey of life should be fun. We invite to laugh and have fun with us. The links provided are products and services I believe in. A portion of all monies received will go towards the education of children.

                        ~ Anne Morrow Linbergh, b. 1906 ~

We will be offering weekly meditations and insights to read and ponder.



















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