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Spiritual Organizations

Agape, Overeaters Anonymous

Because my first allegiance is to "Choosing Love," I have had the freedom to seek out many different belief systems and schools of thought.  The spiritual links provided are organizations that I have studies, participated in, and experienced.  Because their philosophy parallels mine I have included them here so that you too may explore if you so desire. 



Agape is led by Reverend Michael Beckwith of "The Secret."  Agape International Spiritual Center is a trans-denominational spiritual community who's doors are open to all seekers in search of authentic spirituality, personal transformation, and selfless service to human kind.  In reverend Beckwith's own words, "My aspiration is that every individual who is touched by the vibrations of Agape is inspired to cultivate a heart of love as wide as the world."

CEA-HOW is a 12 step program for compulsive eaters.


 has expanded my world in untold ways.  Thirsty for knowledge and learning, I know the importance of always reaching for a broader base of information.  Having absolutely to devote to reading, my books collect dust on my shelves.  Thanks to this web service, within 1 one year, I was able to listen to over 65 books, from the classics to David Sedaris "When you are engulfed in flames." In the car, standing in line, shopping in the market, getting ready for work are times put to good listening use. Flowing, uninterested education and fantasy are now mine whenever I choose, and with this link I am hoping to spread the good word.

Lorrie Kazan is a most intelligent and talented woman.  Sagacious and funny, truthful and insightful, she is the best psychic-intuitive I know.  If you are looking in this direction ~~ look no further.  Here is her link:

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